Multicultural Carlisle is a somewhat unique, inspirational organisation run by a dedicated, multicultural team of people that evolves itself through the inclusion of community members that shape the essence of the group.

The organisation members remain committed to enhancing the lives of others in communities where multiculturalism remains an underrepresented sector.  MCC’s Culture Bazaar is a huge success that is clearly supported by the community due to its uniqueness and family-focussed nature. It is a one of a kind event, within the city of Carlisle – if not across the county – that has its roots in generosity, sharing and collaborative engagement within, and more importantly, across cultures. This reaches beyond faith, ethnicity and colour into the key essence of what pinpoints the very concept of culture – lifestyle, food, clothing, language, art, design, music, communication and more. The inclusive nature of the event allows for a melting pot of sharing; structured but centred around food and entertainment, ensuring that visitors and participants feel welcome to interact and participate and/or observe from the outskirts. The simultaneous delivery of taster workshops, cooking demos and crafts for all ages invites people to try-out new flavours, styles and ways of being, without forcing this upon anyone. It allows for choice for all who integrate step by step to those who may prefer to immerse themselves in the rich atmosphere of the event.

Multicultural Carlisle offers choice in the level of engagement that people can seek out – this is a clever way of working towards empowerment for others – both existing residents of all backgrounds and newcomers are welcome to contribute to an organisation that is not reliant on qualificatory entry to a ‘club’. MCC aims to empower through learning; building confidence through social engagement; imaginative use of existing skills and development of new ones in a safe and friendly environment. 

Multicultural Carlisle is a tree – it began life in the city of Carlisle.  With roots planted by one individual – it continues to grow through the nurturing hands of the many culturally rich people at its core. If MCC ceased to exist, its branches would wither and new seeds would have to be planted from scratch. MCC deserves to be fed and watered to continue its legacy of growth and ability to breathe new life into the multicultural make up of the city. Through Dance Ahead’s collaboration with the organisation the most touching thing we will take from our engagement is that people make it happen – A smile created through unity is worth all the hard work it takes and I would highly recommend and look forward to continually offering support through future collaboration and engagement with MCC. 

Warm wishes – Artistic Director / FounderMobile: +447917887475 Email: [email protected] Skype: Danceahead