Our Reason to be

Multicultural Cumbria has been set up by passionate community individuals to empower minority groups & the wider community. We aim to improve communication on grass roots level.  Building confidence, self esteem, social opportunities and community cohesion.  No organisation was reaching out to BAME people to empower and enable them, so became the change we wanted to see!

How do we prioritise areas of work?

We have four key programme areas

Culture  - Education  - Events - Health & Wellbeing

Our aims are to support individuals & groups from BME communities to embrace their culture and share it with friends & neighbours.

We aim to seek out BME people that live & work in Cumbria to be actively involved, before we look for skills outside of the county

To build confidence in Cumbrian ethnic minorities, to promote integration & understanding.

Multicultural Cumbria is committed to increase communication, tolerance & understanding of different cultures , heritages and race.

Acting as a point of contact for ethnic minority issues for communities, organisations and statutory bodies while developing trust.

Celebrating world cultures through events and  delivering social engagement projects

Promoting integration and breaking down barriers to find solutions to share cultural similarities and differences to reduce ignorance, intolerance and stereotyping.

Signposting to relevant organisations that will be better placed to support the needs of individuals.

Culture Bazaar

Culture Bazaar event – free community event – celebrating cultures through music, dance, food, sport and activities, reaching people from the whole community in a safe, friendly, positive and welcoming environment.  This works as a great networking and awareness event for the ethnic diversity in Cumbria.  It is our flagship event, that most our of projects work towards to showcase the diversity of skills and talent that we are prising out of our communities, to develop community champions with a sense of worth and value in their identity and heritage.

Multicultural Cumbria  is a charitable incorporated organisation, registered charity number 1176060.