How can you get involved?

Marketing & Promotion

Design banners, posters, leaflets

Social media/ management and interaction strategy

Experience in mailchimp, survey monkey, Canva, Gsuite Microsoft Office

Website maintenance 

Event ticket management

Promotional material distribution to all schools and venues in Carlisle (locally based)

Film/ photography/ stories for pre event articles on what's on at Culture Bazaar 

Media interviews on radio, television and newspapers (Locally based)

City centre showcase performances (locally based)

Activity Promotion

Description, to include country of origin and origin of activity

Activity Leader details and bio 250 words with photo

Plan evaluation activities, monitor number of visitors per activity, 

Event Management

Define roles, responsibilities, deadlines and timeline.

Chair, secretary, treasurer 

Comms team

Sm, Eventbrite, meeting notes

Promotional material and design. Poster design, 

Finance, Fundraising, Create budget,  insurance, Licenses, Costings, Income


Setting up on Friday evening and Saturday Morning.

Logistics and stage management.

Announcements, location map, how to direct visitors, decor

parade at the end?

Assist mapping exercise at the entrance. You inform the visitors to add a sticker with their heritage written on and stuck on the map.

Help to make and distribute tea/coffee/ water to look after other volunteers (Our Welfaries)

Make banners and directional signs for activities

Making Sandwiches for volunteers

Monitoring & Evaluation

Design fun ways to engage visitor participation for evaluation, such as vox pops, mini interviews, cloud wall, comment bubbles etc.  Design a passport game to go through the event with stamps for each activity..

Film and photography gallery uploads

Permission to use photos for public domain. 

Organise a structure to plan live SM streams.

Website updates and propagation as a member. 

SM stats and comments

A follow up after the event to present photos/videos and evaluation, in March, comments to the school's involved.

Activity ideas wall - Asking visitors to make comments

Activity Ideas

Description, to include country of origin and story of origin of activity, if related to faith, culture, tradition etc.

Activity Leader details and bio 250 words with photo for promotion

Lesson plan if required

Activity 15 mins with 5 mins to swap activity.

Plan evaluation activities, monitor number of visitors per activity, 

Choose from traditional games, dance, music, sport, art, workshop, performance, demo arts and crafts.
Dance workshops - African, Ceilidh, Indian, Latin, Street?

Music workshops - African drumming, bangra, Rapping, opera

Put together a music playlist from different countries

Food demos - design a recipe printout and deliver a food demo - Pakoras, chutneys, desserts

Caromboard game workshop

Arts & Crafts - Mandala (Lentils, powders, beans etc), prayer beads

Mask making workshops

Kente Making (Masks)

Kite Making


Henna paper design workshops, 


Chinese and Islamic Caligraphy


Kids activities, design, making, building, science, games

Activities from each continent

Speed language, Volunteers have five minutes to teach visitors how to say some basic phrases in a different language before the bell goes and they move to a different language table.

Cultural Stand - display and personal experiences about countries around the world that one has heritage, include traditions, superstition, do’s and dont’s, colours that represent cultural identity and why, famous historical places and facts.  Story of someone that you know who went through a war or political unrest.  

Add items of interest and what they are used for.

Dress up in costumes and characters, 

Create an International themed extra large photo frame for snaps. 

Make lifesize cut outs


we have a varied range of material that needs to be recorded and catalogued online around Culture Bazaar.

This includes video, photographs, leaflets, newspaper articles, letters, comments & awards.