Tina Borgia

Project Co-ordinator

Throughout her career, Tina has always worked in the community, across all sectors; in particular, with disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, including young people, older adults and people from BAME backgrounds.  She is passionate about breaking down barriers and engaging people in activities who might otherwise not participate. 

Tina has been working with Multicultural Cumbria since it became a charity in 2017, as Project Coordinator, after having had various involvement in several annual Culture Bazaars previous to this.  She helped coordinate and develop Culture Bazaar 2018 and 2019, and is currently expand the provision to develop a broader programme of activities for people from Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority groups (BAME) and the wider community who live in Cumbria; to offer opportunities for everyone to come together, share their unique cultures, skills, ideas and traditions and celebrate their different heritages, in a fun, friendly and welcoming environment.

Tina’s background is in Dance and Performing Arts but she was forced to give up dancing, aged 26, upon discovering she has a connective tissue disorder, Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (HEDS).  This brought Tina to Cumbria in 2001 where she became a Drama Development worker at Theatre by the Lake in Keswick, redirecting her focus towards Drama and Theatre. In the years that followed, Tina combined family life with her husband Mike and their two children (now 13 and 16) and delivering a colourful array of Community Arts projects across the county.  Gradually, as Tina’s mobility difficulties, chronic pain and fatigue became more apparent, she has made further modifications to lifestyle and career and subsequently concentrates more on developing, coordinating and managing community projects, rather than delivering. She believes that the arts can and should be engaging, relevant and accessible to all, providing the community is at the heart of it, shaping and influencing it as it evolves.  More recently, through her role with MCC, Tina discovered that there were many women who avoided doing exercise, for reasons linked to cultural modesty or lack of confidence and not feeling as though they belonged in classes where few ethnic minorities attended, thus, the Dance Carousel Around the World project was born. 

This unique project is in the exciting process of delivering a carousel of dance classes, consisting of five parts; each part a different dance style, including African, Contemporary, Flamenco, Latin Fusion and Egyptian Belly Dance, each delivered by an authentic specialist in these styles who live and work in Cumbria.  The classes are exclusively for women to encourage those from BAME and all other backgrounds to participate; they promote a ‘healthy dancer’ approach, inspired by ‘One Dance UK’s’ positive body image and awareness, so participants do a proper warm up at the start and a cool down and relaxation at the end of every class.

Tina also steers MCC’s collaboration with Carlisle One World Centre (COWC) and AWAZ Cumbria in managing Carlisle’s International Women’s Group, who meet monthly for coffee and for occasional related projects.  

Tina is looking forward to creating CB2020 the 10th Anniversary, along with Saj Ghafoor, and as many people from the local community and surrounding areas she can muster, gather, enable and delegate to!  She invites you all to be part of it, every little helps and you will reap the rewards!