What is so different about how MCC operates and delivers a project.

MCC operates from a deeply grassroots position. Creating projects very much through whichever group they are working with and allowing it to naturally develop. 

Why you feel Culture Bazaar is so successful and supported by the community.

The Culture Bazaar is so successful and supported by the community because it naturally developed through positive and proactive engagement with individuals then through families and whole community groups. The communities confidence was gained and their opinions then formed and shaped the Culture Bazaar and this encouraged deep rooted community ownership. 

How you feel MCC is filling a community engagement and empowering gap.

There isn’t another organisation in the area that engages with the community in such a personal way. One of the big issues MCC faced and continues to face is how to give people the confidence to engage at all in their local community, never mind engaging with local services and providers. One of MCC’s greatest assets is to reach out and offer assistance for people to make the first steps into the broader community. i remember this being a key part of their original work when reaching out to isolated women – many of those women later becoming key parts in initiatives such as the Culture Bazaar 

If MCC didn’t exist who fills that gap?  

There would just be a big gap that isn’t being filled by anyone else.

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