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Sally Abdalla and Phoebe Istafanous, two Egyptians currently residents in Carlisle, both renowned for their expertise in baking, are delighted to present a famous Egyptian dessert popular all over the world: “Baklawa” also known as Baklava. It is a rich, very sweet syrupy and sticky pastry that is simply finger licking joy. History of Baklawa goes back to more than 2000 years ago during the Roman Empire where a similar dessert is recorded. It continued evolving until it reached perfection around the year 1226 according to Al-Baghdadi's cookbook, Kitab al-Tabikh. Unlike all other dishes that keep changing, Baklawa hasn’t changed since then. It has reached perfection!! Baklawa is made of paper thin philo pastry layers filled with a variety of chopped nuts, baked to perfection and then smothered with thick delicious fragrant sugar syrup. A pure delight!! Warning: One bite will cause addiction for life!!