I am delighted to say that I have been involved with the Culture Bazaar in Carlisle for a number of years. The success of MMC is very clearly down to the fact that the whole project was born out of the community and even though it has grown, it still carries the community with it. 

Another key factor of the project and one very close to my heart is that it is inclusive, and I say this as an artist who has worked in most parts of the UK, and as a member of the Romani Gypsy community, one of the most excluded groups in Europe.
MCC has always, and continues to include and engage all communities, it’s an innovative and forward thinking group which builds on previous and current success, whilst also exploring new ways of community engagement and empowerment.
Not having MCC in Carlisle is not something I like to think about, as it would leave Carlisle and the many different cultures who are brought together by the projects once again having to deal with isolation and worse. Carlisle as a city would be very much poorer, culturally and financially too without the project. This project is a beacon of inclusion, empowerment and much needed togetherness particularly in light of issues around Brexit.

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