Besides being incredible acrobatic performances, in Chinese Culture it is believed that the Lions and the accompanying revelry of drums, gongs and firecrackers, will scare away the bad spirits and bring in the good luck in the coming year, and thus a Lion Dance is a "must" during the Chinese New Year festivities.

 Kung Fu particularly helps children to improve their fitness levels as well as increasing their concentration, co-ordination and confidence which encourages good behaviour. Tai chi helps to keep the mind clear and focused while improving balance, breathing, circulation and concentration. Additionally improvements are seen to stamina and flexibility while developments are seen to discipline and self-control.

EASTERN KUNG FU & TAI CHI CLUB was inaugurated in 2003 by Tony Pang. Initially it was merely to teach self-defence to his family and friends when interest spread. Sifu Pang (Sifu meaning master in Chinese which is traditionally used to call your teacher) teaches wing chung and choy lee fut forms of kung fu. As a child he also learned the traditional Chinese unicorn and lion dances from relatives in Hong Kong and he continued his training when he moved to the UK.

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