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Koshary: A delicious dish with a histoy!! Koshary, a popular Egyptian dish, sold at virtually every street corner in Egypt. Street vendors serve the dish from carts to people eagerly waiting in line to eat this beloved and highly popular dish. An unusual combination: Koshary mixes lentils, pasta, chickpeas and rice into a single dish that is then topped with a spicy tomato sauce, a tangy garlic sauce, and fried onions. The idea sounds strange…until you taste it, then you fall in love forever!!! Koshary isn’t actually Egyptian in origin. It actually originated in India under the name “khichri”, which refers to a dish of lentils and rice that is very popular in India as a tasty everyday un-expensive meal. When the Brits went to India in the 1800's, they loved this Indian dish. In fact, they admired it so much that they took it with them everywhere they went. When they brought it back home, finding that lentils were quite expensive, & not readily available, they substituted lentils with fish (smoked haddock), thus the dish developed into the famous British Kedgeree (notice the similarity Kitchiri/Kedgeree). Later, in the late 1800′s the Brits came to Egypt, bringing Kitchiri with them. The Egyptians immediately adopted the dish. Needless to say, the Egyptians added to it garlic, tomatoes and onions, the three key ingredients present in almost every Egyptian dish. The Italian community, that lived in Egypt at the time, added their favourite ingredient: pasta! The Lebanese community added theirs too: chickpeas!! Thus Koshary developed into its glorious present form: rice, lentils, pasta and chickpeas topped with spicy tomato sauce, then sprinkled with golden fried onions and tangy garlic sauce... Utter perfection!! Koshary is truly a beautiful mixture of civilizations. Nowhere in the world will you be able to taste so many cultures in one plate: Koshary!! Since we owe it to the Brits, we're bringing it back to the Brits. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!