The term boccia derives from the Italian word meaning "bowl" and on the continent bowls is often referred to as Bocce. 

Boccia has roots in ancient Greece and Egypt and is thought to be one of the first games played by mankind.  It is thought that during these times, large stones would have been thrown.

Boccia was originally designed for people with Cerebral Palsy but is now played by people with a wide range of disabilities.  For more information on the different disabilities which play, known as Classifications, please click here

In 1984 boccia was introduced into the Paralympics.  During these games 19 athletes, representing 5 countries, competed.  Nowadays over 50 countries play boccia, making it the fastest growing disability sport in the world.  All these countries are members of and governed by the Boccia International Sports Federation (BISFed). 

Boccia England