It's quite surreal.  Pakistani government has locked down all public gatherings spaces.

Weddings halls, mosques, educational establishments are among places instantly shut down. 

My niece's wedding on Monday.  Today at the wedding venue that had been pre-booked, guests were given 15 minutes to empty the building before being indignantly removed form the venue, including the bride.

It feels so sci fi! People in white, dressed head to toe, scanning temperatures as we stepped off the plane. Within 48 hours of landing, the threat of Corona virus has become a major limitation concern by the government in Pakistan.  With 28 cases, no deaths, the public health is being taken very seriously.

It's all been so fast moving.  Business, legal and personal reasons we came for has all been closed, or cancelled.  I can't even imagine the impact on the world's economy!

For once I do believe that public health is priority and governments are taking steps to save lives. Literally life or death. But the economic impact is being felt within hours.

Worrying times!