Saj is a partner in HDM Spice Shop, which was a catalyst for the activities of Multicultural Cumbria. Since 2005, she has applied her lived experience and business acummen into developing community links to promote BAME diversity through cultural awareness events, the arts, food and social events. A voice of experience, understanding and cultural awareness of the issues affecting BAME in Carlisle and Cumbria. 

- Creative & multi-skilled individual
- Small business finance management
- Property development experience
- Very good adaptable IT skills for business & social needs
- Business marketing & promotion
- Good public speaker
- Value for money ethos
- Arts event organiser
- Can speak English, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi
- Great contacts within education, third sector & local government
- Deliver talks & discussions regarding Pakistan/ Indian culture, faith youth groups & community aspects in schools, organisations & community groups
- Taught Indian Cookery in adult education

Community Responsibility
- believes that community development is about empowering people to engage and enable them to lead the change
- Performance in delivering community projects as a volunteer, to engage & promote community cohesion
- Grass roots engagement, building trust, communication & understanding basic needs up,
- Experience with people from diverse ethnic backgrounds
- Contacts with over 40 nationalities in North Cumbria
- have insight in cultural & social issues around some south Indian nationalities