Saj Ghafoor
Chief Officer at Multicultural Cumbria (MCC)
June 2020
Black Lives Matter. I am struggling to comprehend some comments made about the abhorrent murder of George Floyd.
For the last 15 years or so, I have taken every opportunity to vocalise the issues of BAME people in Cumbria. I believe that change happens as a collective and in deed not just words.
Change happens when we work together by first listening.
Cumbria is already ethnically diverse culturally, but continues to be the elephant in the room when it comes to any genuine investment and committment. Be that local government, statutory bodies, businesses, charitable organisations. No money! No voices! No need!
Leaders and decision makers need to stop paying lip service and address the importance or racism in Cumbria. I don't say this defiantly, I say this by holding out a hand and asking for unity.
We have to do this collectively and understand the impact it has as a society and set out a plan of action to make a positive change to engage, empower and enable. Education and support comes in many shapes and forms. Social and cultural engagement is so essential.
Cumbria hasn't even invested in a multicultural centre, where can anyone go to find out how to make change happen! I'm ready, are you?
RIP George Floyd, here's praying that your death wasn't in vain.