Marsha Ramroop believes in enabling positive change through providing clear processes and reasoning for actions. She is a certified Advanced CQ trainer and facilitator. She’s also a Non-Executive Director and Inclusion lead of a Derby-based charity, near where she lives and a Life Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, Manufacture & Commerce.

For the past 30 years Marsha has worked in radio, journalism and other media where inclusion has underpinned her life and work her whole career. Still working as a journalist and manager in community engagement, she has also moved into Diversity and Inclusion strategic consultancy in order to better address inequality in our society and to enable others to give the unheard voice a place to speak, hence the name of her company Unheard Voice.

She has developed a strategic tool, underpinned by CQ and overlaid with a successful change model in order to help facilitate inclusive change at individual, team, departmental and organisational levels to help on the journey to overarching inclusion.