Marcia Reid Fotheringham

Chair - Cumbria Race Equality network (CREN)

It's Black History Month, So What?

What Cumbrian organisations should be doing and how important it is to know what is the difference between equality and equity?

Marcia been a Multicultural Cumbria trustee since June 2020.

Marcia was born in London and moved to New York, USA as a child; she was raised and educated there. Marcia moved to Cumbria in 1997. Marcia attended Hofstra University, Long Island, NY, and graduated: BS Sociology 1976; MS Psychology 1978; and PD Family Therapy 1979. 

Marcia is the Co-Chair of Cumbria Race Equity Network (CREN) set up to advocate and campaign to eliminate racial inequities and disparities in Cumbria, after the Race 2B Conference 2020.

She took a year’s leave of absence while being Cumbria’s High Sheriff for a year. Marcia also became a Deputy Lieutenant in 2020.

Marcia is currently on the board of trustees at Tullie House Museum, the Cumbria Victims Charity Trust Board, the Cumbria Community Foundation Board, the Multicultural Cumbria Board,  the Cumbria Opera Group and the University of Lancaster Council. Marcia was a Board member of Safety Net 2010-2015. Marcia is a Patron of Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster  (BECBC) and AWAZ Cumbria. 
In addition, she has raised money for numerous charities. 

Throughout her employment, Marcia received many employee awards and recognitions. Her employment has included psychologist/family therapist for the NHS, being co-owner/Director of two dental practices with her husband, a mental health director, a facilitator responsible for providing therapeutic learning services, administrative management, and also had a successful clinical private practice when she lived in Salem, Massachusetts.