Joy attended Culture Bazaar 2018 as a visitor.  She came up to the event team to ask if she could do an impromptu dance performance.  She was amazing!!  Where else could we have found someone so talented but for the CUlture Bazaar.  This year she will also be doing a workshop with over 100 local schoolchildren at the mini Culture Bazaar hosted by the University of Cumbria on Monday 10th February.

In Africa, there is a wide range of dance moves, from Indlamu in South Africa associated with the Zulu tribe, Kpanlogo, a popular dance in Accra, Moribayasa from Guinea and Atilogwu from Nigeria – the list goes on and on. Fast forward 2012 when Azonto started, the dance took the world by storm and since then, Africa hasn’t let its foot off the pedal.

Dance can be performed to serve various functions such as social, competitive, ceremonial, martial and erotic. This, however, differs as we have the theoretic dance in which dancers perform for an audience and participatory social dance which encourages dancing in a group.