My first 12 hours has felt like I brought the Cumbrian weather with me to Pakistan.

It's been pouring with rain and really windy! Was soaked through at the airport to the taxi in 5 seconds, while the taxi drove through 6" or water on the roads. 

Got to the hotel at 3am local time and rested.

With Pakistani heritage I have a Nicop ID card. This allows for me to get a local SIM card. With isometric checks. Much cheaper than roaming costs! Every sim card has an identity attached to it, unlike the UK. 

Avoiding the mud and large puddles we walked pass street vendors prepping the street food and deciding what we might come back for tonight.  Spent two hours to get the Sims reactivated🙄. It encroached on the staff lunchtime. They were lovely and even offered to share their lunch while they sorted out the problem. We finally accepted a glass of Morning Dew! 

Watching TV with advice on Corona Virus and how to protect yourself is constant. So far the Punjab has escaped any cases.