Hi I am Tina

An article in Issue 5 - Culture Club Magazine about 'that kid always reading' was me! I loved allowing my mind being transported to the Faraway Tree and the Enchanted Wood (by my favourite childhood author Enid Blyton) and I was in awe of such fantastical characters like Roald Dahl's The Witches and The Twits and the magical world of James and the Giant Peach. Then, in my teens, I was introduced to Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and it was like someone had literally opened my eyes wider ~ this Black African American activist touched my soul so deeply that I went on to read everything she ever wrote and I became hungry to find out more about those she brushed shoulders with like Malcolm X, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, all of whom fought for freedom and equality and resonated with every fibre of my being.  I was so inspired by these people, their culture, their music, their food and I continued obsessively to explore new cultures through my A levels, English Literature and Theatre Studies and of course, through my Dance degree. I find it fascinating to read about Ramadan and Eid in this issue and I wished we'd have talked about them when I was at school. When you demystify something, it feels more accessible, relatable and less threatening. There just isn't enough time in the world to discover all the wonderful diversity within it. I am currently listening to audiobook 'My Name is Why' by Lemn Sissay ~ British Ethiopian poet/author about his life growing up in care. His writing is so raw and the poetry he threads in to each chapter is simply beautiful. I love the way he reads it too, so genuine. 

You can listen to one of his poems here, which is particularly poignant at the moment. LET THERE BE PEACE. In such a crazy time, yes please! (Click here)

Tina Borgia