Farhat Ibrahim - Prinicipal Lecurer (Education) University of Cumbria - Tower Hamlets Campus London

Students, Sarees, Samosas Success!

An account of London Education students supporting Multicultural Cumbria and the inevitable links to race equality in the Education sector.

Farhat is the Principal Lead for Education at the University of Cumbria -Tower Hamlets campus in London. She shares her experience of cultural experiences for her students.  Farhat Ibrahim is a , she has worked for the University and formerly St Martin's College for the last 14 years. She is based at the London Campus delivering Teacher Training for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes. Prior to working for the University Farhat worked as a Senior Manager/Phase/Subject Leader in Primary and Secondary school settings, North and South of the country. Farhat is passionate about Teacher Training and the belief in high quality Education for all.