Chacha DC is my dad's brother. Dad was the eldest of eight brothers,  DC is 5th down.  He was six weeks old when partition happened in 1947.

He breeds goats and chickens to feed his family in his retirement, with four married sons and 10 children in the same house.

Chacha (paternal uncle in Punjabi), loves his animals probably more than his own children.  He feeds them the best he can afford and checks daily that the goats are in good health. 

I'm sitting on a gutter block outside the house to get good internet reception, overlooking a lake of monsoon standing rain, surrounded by plastic waste and rubbish.

He's old, old school.  Where women should not be seen. He's just walked past and asked why I was sitting outside. "Internet reception uncle", "go inside onto the roof", he says. I stay put, as my cousin comes out to offer me paratha with lentil dal and halva Puri for breakfast. Doesn't even have to ask, I'm inside!