Multicultural Cumbria will receive a £350,000 funding boost!

We're celebrating the incredible news that Multicultural Cumbria will receive a £350,000 funding boost!


Author: Saj Ghafoor

Issue 17 - March 2021 - Culture Club Magazine

Issue 17 March 2021


Author: Saj Ghafoor

Census 2021 - What's it all about?

The census is a survey that happens every 10 years and gives us a picture of all the people and households in England and Wales. The census is unique. There’s simply nothing else that gives so much detail about us and the society we live in.


Author: Saj Ghafoor

Celebrity Vaccine Video

Celebrities from multicultural diasporas come together to implore Asians and Black communities to take the Covid 19 vaccine and to ignore social and cultural myths around the vaccine.


Author: Saj Ghafoor

Cumbria's Diversity


Languages spoken in Cumbria


Ethnic minorities in Cumbria


Diaspora living in Carlisle

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